10 beautiful selfie ways you need to know

Selfie shooting is extremely popular due to the advance camera quality of the camera is enhanced, many virtual beauty software is applied. There is also a smartphone camera to capture deleted fonts, or take wide shots, capture selfie groups.

Although there are many different ways to capture selfie different, however, the following capture methods are very popular and easy to implement that many people apply on social networking Instagram. You can try applying.

1. Selfie with scenery

One way to capture selfie images with landmarks is to apply a near-by effect like the one above, which will look impressive and also help you to checkin a famous destination.

Similarly, to get the scene, the scene must be far away from you. The ability to handle smartphones at this time will be important because there is a large difference in brightness between indoor and outdoor, can cause the face dark or lighted scene.

2. Selfie full body

One way to get a full body photo is to place the body in the diagonal of the image, as applied here.

But there is another way to “show off” the body by shooting the body, body on one side of the picture to see the back scene.

3. Selfie through the mirror

One way to self-capture but still see the whole body and help the body not distorted by the camera lens effect is to take a picture through the mirror.

The wide-angle mirror and rear-view camera image will help the selfie image not distort the body.

4. Traditional style selfie

An extremely popular way of shooting is by shooting the front camera with the scene from the chest up …

… but you can make it different by shaping the gently …

such as clawing your hair, cheeking, or chin-like, for a more natural look.

5. Shoot “so deep” with the next person

Another way of shooting selfie is for the second person to appear in the photo frame but this person does not necessarily look at the lens, which will help to make the photo look more fashionable.

6. Selfie with pet

One popular way to do this is to take photos with pets. You can shoot with strange animals, like the chicken above, to attract more attention.

7. Selfie while exercising

Sports shots are always admired for your diligence, but you can try more creative ways, such as biking, jogging, swimming, or lifting weights in the gym. , rather than just posing for pictures in front of the practice room.

8. Selfie when lying down

A little used but can give impressive image, that is, when lying down. You can shoot while lying in the pool, lawn, … but pay attention to the face is not distorted when taking this form.

9. Selfie with selfie sticks

In addition to the above, for the people or travel alone will be added photo sticks. With the cane, many scenes and people will appear in the photo.

10. Selfie wide angle

Wide angle shooting is also a popular trend because it can take a lot of scenery behind the photographer. To have this image, users must have a smartphone with a wide angle camera.

Here are some common ways to create a style, you can apply or coordinate different ways to have a more selfie image.

How often do you like self-portrait photography or other selfie ways? Please comment below.