0xc000021a error on Windows 10 – How to fix


Using your computer, you suddenly experience a blue screen error with error 0xc000021a, then you will not be able to get into Windows 10 again. So how to fix 0xc000021a error on Windows 10 as well as restore Windows as old, the following guide will help you do that.

Error 0xc000021a, also known as blue screen error on Windows 10, is a nightmare for anyone using Windows not only for Windows 10. Microsoft has also explained error 0xc000021a due to a lot of leads, Part of the problem may be due to a faulty drive partition, faulty hard drive, or some other cause of the problem, and a blue screen error that you can not access your Windows 10.

Normally with other blue screen errors you just need to reboot the machine and then find out the cause caused by the software. However, with error 0xc000021a on Windows 10 cause you can not get into Windows 10 much more serious. Before deciding to install Win 10 or perform a reset Windows 10 you should try the following way to troubleshoot error 0xc000021a on Windows 10.


If you have access to Windows then the Advanced Options to restore is quite simple with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Del to display the screen as below.

Then hold Shift and click on Restart is finished.

However, in the more powerful way that Taimienphi.vn mentioned above is the problem of this article that you can not be in Windows we will have to find another way. There are 2 ways to access Advanced Options to fix 0xc000021a error on Windows 10.

– You can create Windows PE, Win mini format to help you get into Windows 10 fastest, then apply the advanced options that I just mentioned, refer to the tutorial on how to create Windows PE and follow the instructions.

Another way is to refer to another article, with 5 ways to Advanced Options will give you more options in case you do not qualify to do the above, see how to access Advanced Option Windows 10.

Step 1: After repair Repair if one of the two ways suggested above, continue to Choose Options> Troubleshoot.

Step 2: Click Advanced options.

Step 3: In the Advanced Options section there are six options to customize with your Windows 10, to fix 0xc000021a error in Windows 10 you choose Command Prompt.

Step 4: The system will restart and automatically put you into the Command Prompt after logging in to the computer account.

Step 5: Enter the correct computer password and then Continue to continue.

As soon as the login step is complete, the Command Prompt screen will pop up.

Step 6: In Command Prompt type command: sfc / Scannow to perform a full scan.

Step 7: Immediately after the scan, if you do not find any error you continue to type dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth to restore Windows 10.

After this process you reboot the computer to see the Windows 10 again. So the error 0xc000021a on Windows 10 has already been fixed.


In case the above solution fails, you still can not get into your Windows 10 then do the following.

Step 1: Continue on the Command Prompt as instructed above then do the dir command.

Step 2: After typing dir, you create the Config by cd Windowssystem32config

Step 3: After finishing creating, continue typing dir.

If you are in the Config section of SAM files, Security, Software, System, Journal, Regback, you have successfully created.

Step 4: Next step we create a new Regback file, type copy *.*Registry.old

Step 5: Then type cd regback and dir.

Step 6: Continue to type Copy *. * To copy the items included in Regback.


Step 7: After completing this step you type the command Exit and restart the computer offline

Click Continue to reboot, and then check that you have access to Windows 10 yet.

Follow the above two tips will help you fix error 0xc000021a on Windows 10, hope you can reopen Windows 10 normal to avoid the trait to reinstall Windows. Also, during the Windows 10 experience, you have reported errors related to the Class Not Registered Windows 10, an error often encountered by those who are using the system. To fix it thoroughly you need to refer to article how to fix Class Not Registered error on Windows 10 offline.