How to fix 0x80240031 error on Windows


Recently, various versions of Windows 10 encountered a lot of errors that cause the system to crash or stop updating, including errors 0x80240031 on Windows 10 cause the system to loop and you can not update anymore.

Error 0x80240031 on Windows 10 occurs on both the Surface and the PC, the All in One runs on Windows 10. During the run, the update versions suddenly announce 0x80240031 and then fall into the endless loop that causes the user Unable to update Windows 10.

To fix the 0x80240031 error in Windows 10 we need to remove the update feature of Windows 10 as well as reset the process of updating Windows 10 then update again. Although 0x80240031 error on Windows 10 does not annoy the user but makes Windows 10 lose the convenience of upgrading. So if you are a regular update, update Windows 10 should not be overlooked this article.


Step 1: To fix error 0x80240031 on Windows 10, you must turn off the Update function of Windows 10 before offline. Open the Start Menu and type in “settings” and access the search results.

Step 2: In the Settings section of Windows 10 choose Update & security.

Step 3: Next you go to Windows Update to customize the parameters related to the update of Windows.

Step 4: In the Windows Update section select Advanced Options.

Step 5: Continue into the subfolder of Advanced Options as Choose How updates are delivered.

Step 6: Go to Choose How updates are delivered and turn it off.

Step 7: To remove the update version of the bug, the component causing the update error as well as causing error 0x80240031 on Windows 10, you download the Reset Windows Updates application here: Download Reset Windows Updates.

After downloading Reset Windows Updates complete, open the software using Admin – Run as Administrator.

Step 8: A blue DOS screen appears, type Yes to run.

Step 9: In this there are many features you can apply to fix error 0x80240031 on Windows 10, the first thing to do is to select number 5 – Scan all protected system files to check the error file.

Step 10: Wait for the software to scan the error, press any key to continue running.

The process of shutting down the Update will take a few minutes, you keep the screen to avoid the app suspended.

Step 12: Finally, select the number 16 to reboot, end the error fix 0x80240031 on Windows 10.

The machine will restart automatically within 60 seconds when you perform this operation.

After rebooting, you try to re-enter Windows Update and update Windows to see error 0x80240031 on Windows 10 has been removed completely offline.

We have completed repair work 0x80240031 on Windows 10, your computer can update the version of Windows 10 as usual as well as update the regular patch of Windows 10.

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