Fix the 0x80080008 and 0x80070005 errors when updating applications from the Windows Store

Fix the 0x80080008 and 0x80070005 errors when updating applications from the Windows Store

Windows Update plays an important role in adapting to the functionality of Windows Apps. So, if you need to update an application on a laptop computer, the system will use the Windows Update source to make updates. Due to this correlation, if something goes wrong or an error has occurred with Windows Updates, the application will immediately be affected. Although users have received patches from Microsoft related to Windows Apps but still seem to be unable to fix the root cause. This article will guide you to thoroughly fix 2 errors 0x80080008 and the most common error 0x80070005 now when you proceed to update the application from the Windows Store.

1. Fix: Error 0x80080008 when updating Windows Apps in Windows 8

Error 0x80080008: Something has happened & this app may not be installed

These are the same error messages that we encountered with the error 0×80070005, 0×80240437, 0x80073cf9. This problem occurs when the Windows Update Wups2.dll registry file is incorrectly registered. So how to solve this problem you need to re-register the Windows Update file. Firstly, when implementing the solutions mentioned below, I suggest you run the Windows App Troubleshooter and System File Checker once. If you are lucky you can fix this.

How to fix error 0x80080008

1. Press the Windows key + R, type notepad to open Notepad.

2. Copy and paste the following commands in Notepad:

Regsvr32 jscript.dll / S
REGSVR32 Msxml3.dll / S

3. Now save the file with your desired filename, but format it as .bat, register.bat. Select Saveastype as All Files. Right-click on the file and select Run as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password, or click Yes.

You will see that the Command Prompt handles the commands. After successfully executing the commands, you should restart the computer and try again to update the failed applications.

2. Error 0x80070005 when updating Windows Store Apps

Also similar to error 0x80080008 and you will get error message form Something happened and this app could not be installed – Something has happened, this app can not be installed. Please try again. Error code: 0x80070005.

Troubleshooting Guide 0x80070005

1. Press the Windows Key + R key, then in the Run dialog box enter the following command and press Enter:

C: Users<username>AppDataLocal

Replace with your user account name and C with the system drive.

2. Now in the Local folder, scroll down to find the Packages folder and right-click on it and choose Properties.

3. In the next window, allow everyone with full User Control permission. Click Advanced.

4. In this window, make sure that all users have full control. However, if you find any username that does not have control, click Add.

5. Next, in the first window click Select a principal, then type User in Select User or Group, click Check Names. Finally, check the Full control for Basic permissions.

In the current step 5, 4, 3, click Apply then OK. In this way, each user has full control over access. Finally, restart your computer.