0x800705b4 error in Windows Update and Windows Defender – How to fix


In this tutorial, you can read the symptoms, causes and some of the best proven methods to resolve the error code 0x800705b4. In addition, this page will show you how to back up Windows to protect your system and files from corruption. This error code can occur for Windows Update and Windows Defender. With this unresolved bug, the computer can slow or even crash. If you are disturbed by this error right now, do not feel frustrated because you can easily handle it


Error 0x800705b4 that occurs to Windows computers can be quite common and the same code can appear in different cases with different error messages. 0x800705b4 is a hexadecimal data format and this is a common way used by Microsoft Windows to display errors. Computer users should not ignore such errors even if it seems like no big deal.

But the end result could be a delay or a computer crash or even a loss of data if it is not fixed. This article provides step-by-step instructions for resolving this common problem in Windows Update and Windows Defender. The subtitles below are quick links to detailed content.

Windows Error 0x800705b4


Windows Update (WU) is a service provided by Microsoft and its mission is to provide updates to operating systems and Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office, Windows Live Essentials, etc. Often, It is configured to automatically download and install Windows Updates if the computer is connected to the Internet and has updates available. Microsoft also allows its customers to install updates on their computer without an Internet connection as well as other alternatives and programs to install updates. Windows updates include some types of updates, such as security updates and critical updates to address system vulnerabilities to malware or vulnerabilities. . Other updates include bug fixes or feature enhancements.

Occasionally, Windows Update does not work properly and does not install updates. Today, Windows 0x800705b4 error updating is no longer a strange problem for many Windows users. This error code usually appears with an error message, for example: “There was a problem installing the update, but we will try again later. If you continue to search and want to search the web or contact support, this may be helpful: 0x800705b4)”.

What is the cause of the error?

  • The operating system does not update itself
  • The Windows system files are corrupted or damaged system
  • The update service is not configured as an automatic update
  • Registry error
  • Attack of the virus or malware


Many times, the user ignores the error and continues to use the computer is not recommended. Error 0x800705b4 This Windows update can become a disaster for your computer. You are more likely to encounter more computer troubles if errors can not be resolved by an effective solution. For information security and computer performance, you should end the problem as soon as possible. This section gives some methods, please read on.

Method 1: Run the sfc scan for the system

In general, if you have no clue to what to do to get rid of Windows update errors, it’s a smart option to run an sfc for your system. This is a free tool and it can fix many common system errors. SFC allows users to find corrupted Windows system files and repair them. As we all know, once the system files are damaged or lost, the computer will not be able to perform as before.

Step 1

Start Command Prompt. Click on “Start” and type “cmd” in the search box and you can see its icon. Right-click on it and select Run as administrator.

If you are asked to provide an administrator password or confirmation from UAC, enter the password and click Allow.

Step 2

Now you can see the command prompt where you can type or copy the command “sfc /scannow” and press the Enter key.

The process of scanning all protected system files and fixing corrupt files starts; Do not close the Command Prompt before the process is done. If Windows Resource Protection does not find any integrity violations you will receive the following message:

  • Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation.
  • Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them.
  • Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them.

Method 2: Perform system restore

Performing system restore is actually an effective and wise option to overcome any problems with the current system state. System backups are usually completed when Windows is in the groove and free from errors. Note: Back up important files in the system partition before restoring the system. Besides, if your system has never been backed up, skip this method.

The system can be backed up by professional programs as well as backup features provided by Windows. Most users prefer first, because third party system backup software like Eassos System Restore makes the job easier and more flexible. Eassos System Restore offers 15 days of free trial and you can download and follow its backup tips for backup system, and the end section introduces how to backup Windows with EASOS System Restore. The following section shows how to restore a system with a built-in Windows utility.

Step 1

Hit the “Start” button and type “system restore” into the search box. Right-click System Restore in the resulting list and select Run as Administrator. This tool can also be found via the Control Panel.

Step 2

Select the time to restore the system. Here you can choose specific restore or restore recommendations and you can choose based on the actual situation.

Step 3

Review the restore point and click Finish.

Method 3: Update the system to the latest version

Although the computer was set up to install the updates automatically, sometimes it still does not work for some reason, for example, the bad network connection. In that case, reinstalling the update manually may resolve the problem 0x800705b4.

Step 1

Hit the “Start” button and select Control Panel. Select System and Security and click on Windows Update.

Step 2

Click “Check for updates” on the left hand side of the window and update Windows to the latest system.

Method 4: For Windows 10 users

If you are using Windows 10 and face system error code 0x800705b4, please try the following steps.

Step 1

Update Windows Defender from the security center. To locate Windows Defender, click the Start -> Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Defender button.

Step 2

Access Windows Updates and click on “Advanced options“. Click the option to receive updates for other Microsoft products.

Step 3

Restart your computer and check for updates. The update process will be done without problems. When you receive the “Your device is up to date” message, click “Advanced options” again and check the update options for Microsoft programs.

Step 4

Check for updates again and now you can become able to download them and install. Then, update other programs.